Mpl_interactions: image_segmenter error: LassoSelector.__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'lineprops'

It seems that image_segmenter from mpl_interactions does not work with matplotlib 3.7.0 / python 3.10.0
Can someone else confirm this or is it just my local configuration?
Whenever I try to run image_segmenter I get the same error regarding the lineprops keyword. Does someone know when this deprecated?

Hi @wgottwald thanks for reporting - it seems that this was removed in favor of props in 3.7.0 API Changes for 3.7.0 — Matplotlib 3.7.0 documentation

I will make a quick release with a fix for this and post here again afterwards.

That said: Since writing that image segmenter I have entirely swapped to using napari for my image segmentation. It has a natural labels layer that gives you fast painting behavior and much quicker scroll to zoom etc. I will maintain image segmenter as it does have use cases for quickly popping in an segmenting things, but I’d seriously recommend checking out napari if you have lots of manual segmenting to do.

should work now with mpl-interactions version 0.22.2 (just released) and up

Thank you so much, will try that out.
Thanks for pointing out napari, I will have a look into that.
As I dont have lots of segmenting to do I will stick with this segmenter, works pretty well.