mpl 0.99 and py2exe

Jouni K. Seppänen wrote:

"Werner F. Bruhin" <werner.bruhin@...185...> writes:

I think this has been fixed on the trunk for good, by changing all
docstring modifications to use decorators (defined in that
check for nonexistent docstrings. The changes are perhaps too big to
apply on the 0.99 branch.

As it is fixed in trunk is there a need/much use for a patch to 0.99?
I.e. how far of is the next release which includes what ever is in
I think John Hunter said somewhere that he plans to release 1.0 in a few
months, but software release schedules are notoriously difficult to
estimate, and with volunteer-driven open-source software even more so. I
think the answer depends on how many people use py2exe, about which I
have absolutely no idea.

I don't think it is worse a patch as the work around is very easy. I
documented what is needed for a py2exe with mpl 0.99 on the
py2exe site at the end of the following page .

While doing this I noted one more problem if one uses backend_wx, the
wxPython version check will always fail if py2exe'd. I added "if not
hasattr(sys, 'frozen'):" on line 113 and indented lines 114 to 131.
Hopefully someone could make this change for the next version of mpl.