MPL 0.87.7 and wxPython 2.8 and OS-X

Hi all,

Russell Owen just built an installer for MPL on OS_X for Python2.5, wxPython2.8.

To do it, he needed to patch

_wxagg.cpp, at line 238 as follows:

wxBitmap *bitmap = new wxBitmap(image);
wxBitmap *bitmap = new wxBitmap(*image);

Thanks to a hint from Robin Dunn.

It now seems to work OK, except that when you use and then click on the toolbar buttons to zoom, etc, the buttons no longer display

Also, it doesn't work with Numeric 24.2 either -- I think that's a known issue, but I can't find a note about it at the moment.

Is anyone maintaining the wx back-end now?

Is MPL working with wxPython 2.8 on other platforms?

If anyone wants to try this binary out, it's temporarily at:


>>> matplotlib.__version__
>>> wx.__version__
>>> numpy.__version__
>>> Numeric.__version__



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