Move xticklabels?

John Hunter <jdhunter@...4...> writes:

    >> why would you ask for ticks midnight and noon, and then hide
    >> half of them. Why not just ask for them at noon

    > Because I want the tick lines at midnight and labels at
    > noon.

I see -- one hack would be to use major and minor ticks. Make the
major ticks at midnight and the minor ticks at noon. Make the major
ticklabels invisible and the minor tick labels visible. Should work.

One way of making the major ticks invisible is to use a NullFormatter
for the major formatter.

    > If I add an extra show() to the script, it works... there
    > is something going on that I don't understand:

What you may be seeing with the double show is a side effect of
matplotlib not creating all the ticks it needs until it is drawn , and
when it creates extra ticks it uses the first tick, the protoTick from, to determine the properties of the new ticks.