Move xticklabels?

John Hunter <jdhunter@...4...> writes:

    > Halldor Bj�rnsson <halldor@...1063...> writes:
    >> Currently the weekday label is aligned underneath the tickmark,
    >> but I would like to align the label to rhe right of the
    >> tickmark (halfway to next tick)

Have you tried experimenting with the horizontalalignment property,
which accepts left|right|center ? The default is center, which often
looks wrong with rotated ticklabels

I think what Halldor means that it is counterintuitive to have the
weekday labels positioned at midnight. The attached example figure
shows a week's worth of data, and from a quick glance you'd imagine
that the peaks occur at night, while they really are in the afternoon.
Aligning the labels' left-hand side with the ticks would help a
little, but not nearly as much as having the labels centered between
the ticks.