mod_python backend?

Hi John, I know that you are probably already overwhelmed

    > by maintenance and developmente of this great package, but
    > I came across a post on the mod_python list in which a
    > person was inquiring about the existance of a plotting
    > package for mod_python since mod_PHP and mod_Perl have
    > theirs. I thought that this could be a great thing to add
    > to matplotlib: a mod_python backend. It would be awesome
    > if we could have scientific python applets that could
    > generate full graphical output on the web.

    > It shouldn't be too hard to do since it could use any of
    > the existing backends and just export the resulting figure
    > to mod_python to embed in a web page...

    > what do you think?

I am currently using matplotlib as a plotting backend for a web
server. I'm working with a PHP developer who is writing the html, and
he calls an XML-RPC python server with the parameters for the plot.
The XML-RPC server does some number crunching, generates a plot with
matplotlib, saves it in a tmp dir, and passes the image filename back
to the PHP client. I'm using the GTK backend running in an Xvfb.

I don't know much about apache, or what is involved in making
something for mod_python. You wouldn't really need a 'mod_python
backend' would you? My guess is that you would just need to import
matplotlib into your mod_python python code, for example using the GD
backend, and plot away. Or is there something more to it?

Do you know if you can use mod_python and mod_php together? Can
functions written in one mod_* language communicate with functions
written in another. My guess is not.... It would be great if I could
use mod_python and my front end person uses mod_php, and we could
communicate within apache w/o going through the XML-RPC server.

John Hunter