Mixed projections in the mosaic subplot system

In the new Complex and semantic figure composition (https://matplotlib.org/3.3.0/tutorials/provisional/mosaic.html) system one can give a global subplot_kw where you define the projection of the axes of the figure.
For example from the above documentation

axd = plt.figure(constrained_layout=True).subplot_mosaic(
    "AB", subplot_kw={"projection": "polar"}

Is there a way you can give mupltiple projections (for example polar and cartesian) for a figure? [Probably by providing the subplot_kw with a dictionary]


No - you’ll have to do that by hadn’t with GridSpec and/or add_subplot. If you really just want to do "AB" you really don’t need to use a mosaic at all: axd = {'A':fig.add_subplot(1,2,1, projection='proj1'), 'B':fig.add_subplot(1,2,2, proj='proj2')} is exactly the same thing (if you really want a dictionary of axes).