Minor problems with the zooming issue.

I know if I modify the code, I can avoid these things. But out of my eccentric nature, all I am asking is how to do the zooming more nicely?

o The zooming of text, as you can test in <mathtext_demo.py>. I remember once I put some mathtext symbols, as I wished to see the subscript I tried zoom to see more sharply but I failed. I saved png and zoomed finally.
o The zooming of subplot, as you can test in <axes_demo.py>, well personally I assume if you zoom on a subplot you would expect it gets enlarged.
o The zooming of crosshaired frontend, as you can test in <wxcursor_demo.py>, this is minor problem, but when I zoom a random area, I see a vestigial image of the cross-hair which is a tiny bit unnatural.

And of course the speed of zooming… but I see the pylab is redrawing the figure so this is understandable. I know this is a plotting module not an ACDsee or picasa, so forgive my eccentricity.

btw: along with this note

  • how to insert a space in a bunch of mathtext as I wish to put spaces near ‘=’?
  • could you stop the interactive console (at least make it configurable) after the figure is closed so that I don’t need to put sys.exit().

Thank you (smile).