Matplotlib will not put output inside the X,Y Axis

Thank you in advance for any assistance rendered. I have been working on this problem for 8 months now and I have made a lot of progress since my last posting. I can see the issue more clearly even though I cannot find a working solution. The problem is still that I cannot get Matplotlib to plot the figure inside the XY Axis. You can see from the images that the figure is treated like a Y-label, which it is not. I can move the figure up and down the Y-axis by varying the y values in the xy coordinates. Here is my code:

def mandebrot(a):
return reduce(lambda z, _:z * z + a, range(50), 0)
def step(start, step, iterations):
return (start + (i * step) for i in range(iterations))

rows = (("*" if abs(mandelbrot(complex(x, y))) < 2 else " "
for x in step(-2.0, .0315, 80))
for y in step(1, -.05, 41))
rowjoin = ("\n".join("".join(row) for row in rows))
print("\n".join("".join(row) for row in rows))
ax.axis([1, 60, -60, 60])

I have also attached images for viewing.

![Figure_4|690x464](upload://aQ2EgPc6pTXRkh0crkv2XVk09gl.png) ![Figure_5|690x464](upload://5uW7u05oVNuw7xgvcEdDiFnqEMm.png) ![Figure_6|690x464](upload://1rf4bRdgeOpzGq9gdo7OuUCVQyO.png)

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Thank you again for any assistance.