matplotlib v1.4.3

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce the release of matplotlib v1.4.3!

Wheels, windows binaries and the source tarball are available through both source-forge [1] and pypi (via pip). Additionally the source is available tarball is available from github [2] and mac-wheels from

This is the last planned bug-fix release in the 1.4 series.

Many bugs are fixed including:

  • fixing drawing of edge-only markers in AGG
  • fix run-away memory usage when using %inline or saving with
    a tight bounding box with QuadMesh artists
  • improvements to wx and tk gui backends
    Additionally the webagg and nbagg backends were brought closer to
    feature parity with the desktop backends with the addition of keyboard
    and scroll events thanks to Steven Silvester.

The next planned release will be based on the 1.4.x series but will change the default colors and be tagged as version v2.0. The target release date is in the next month or two.

The next feature release will be v2.1 targeted for around SciPy in July.