[Matplotlib-users] What would you like to see in a book about Matplotlib?

Hello João,
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Sandro Tosi wrote:

- what are the (basic) things that, when you were beginning to use
matplotlib, you wanted to see grouped up but couldn't find?

I don't know if you consider it basic or not, but I would have liked
better documentation of the object oriented interface (matplotlib). The

could you be a little more specific on what you mean here?

- what would you like to see in a book about matplotlib?

As above, at least a chapter about the object oriented interface showing
how to embed matplotlib on a application, and outlining the structure of
the OO interface.

Well, this is part of the purpose of the book: show how to embed mpl
in applications.

- what are some those advanced feature that made you yell "WOW!!" ?

I haven't really used matplotlib's advanced features. There are some
that I like, such as automatic legend placement and mathtext support.

mathtext and latex support will be in the advanced features section

The number of supported backends is impressive just by itself, making
matplotlib much more useful. There are some little things such as the
search order for the matplotlibrc file that make it possible to specify
different settings for a given directory.

There will be a part even on configuration (of course :slight_smile: ).

- what are the things you'd like to explore of matplotlib and never
had time to do?

I never had the time to try the masked arrays although I think they will
be useful for me. I should also explore how to create custom color maps.

2 points added to the adv featues list (in part because something was
already there, in a different form).

Your suggestions are really appreciated :slight_smile: And wish me good luck!

I was going to! Good luck, I hope you manage to take this project to

Eheh, thanks! I really hope I'll be able to handle even this task :slight_smile:



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