[Matplotlib-users] Troubles with WX backend

Hi John, Thanks for your reply - and the patch! I am about

    > to check in an updated backend_wx which basically contains
    > your changes, with one difference: I have refactored the
    > code:

    > drawDC=wxClientDC(self) drawDC.BeginDrawing()
    > drawDC.Clear() drawDC.DrawBitmap(self.bitmap, 0, 0)
    > drawDC.EndDrawing()

Excellent, I was going to suggest the same.

I have rewritten the interactive interface so that you can call

import matplotlib

(and I've removed the ShowOn abomination)

Perhaps you should just send me the latest version of you code in case
the mirror lags behind as usual and I'll then apply my patch to the
wx_backend for the new interface, and commit.