[Matplotlib-users] **Question post from Albert**

Dear Matplotlib users,

I am a matplotlib user from Leeds, UK. Recently, I struggle with a triangle surface plot (https://matplotlib.org/3.1.0/gallery/mplot3d/trisurf3d.html) problem in matplotlib.

As we know, if you have data x, y, z, you can directly call ax.plot_trisurf(x, y, z).

However, the data set I have is only three lists of data and if you direct call so, you will find surface losses in the z axis.

In MATLAB, you can add a boundary (K = boundary(X, Y, Z, 1):wink: and then call the function trisurf(K, X, Y, Z), while I cannot find an suitable way in matplotlib or in Python since I do not want to use MATLAB any more :slight_smile:

The details (including data and some codes) are post as follows, please kindly check, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57481995/how-to-generate-a-3d-triangle-surface-trisurf-plot-in-python-with-matplotlib.