[Matplotlib-users] New Matplotlib’s toolmanager Works Well ! - How can we attach a callback and use it with tkinter ?

Hello Matplotlib Users !

The new ToolManager works well, it is very easy to add new ToolButtons !

See snapshot and associated code.



  1. Can we use this with Tkinter ? If yes can you send or point me to one example ?

(I know how to use a NavigationToolbar2Tk() with tkinter, but not a ToolbarTk() )

  1. How do we attach a callback function to the new button ?


From the bottom of:


This works well, and the Toggle Buttons remain Toggled, depressed.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

This is important

plt.rcParams[‘toolbar’] = ‘toolmanager’

# https://fossies.org/linux/matplotlib/lib/matplotlib/backends/_backend_tk.py

516 if matplotlib.rcParams[‘toolbar’] == ‘toolbar2’:

517 toolbar = NavigationToolbar2Tk(self.canvas, self.window)

518 elif matplotlib.rcParams[‘toolbar’] == ‘toolmanager’:

519 toolbar = ToolbarTk(self.toolmanager, self.window)

fig, ax = plt.subplots()


{‘navigation’: <tkinter.Frame object .!toolbartk.!frame>, ‘zoompan’: <tkinter.Frame object .!toolbartk.!frame3>,

‘io’: <tkinter.Frame object .!toolbartk.!frame5>}

807 def add_toolitem(self, name, group, position, image_file, description, toggle):

fig.canvas.manager.toolbar.add_toolitem(‘newCB’, ‘newg’, 0, None, ‘new check-button’, True) # creates new group and check-button !!!

fig.canvas.manager.toolbar.add_toolitem(‘newB’, ‘newg’, 0, None, ‘new button’, False) # creates new group and button !!!

fig.canvas.manager.toolbar.add_toolitem(‘newCB’, ‘navigation’, 0, None, ‘new check-button’, True) # creates button at the end of the first group

def on_click(evt):

state = fig.canvas.manager.toolbar.toolmanager.active_toggle[“default”]

if state is None:

print(“no tool selected”)


print(f"{state} selected")

zoom selected

pan selected

no tool selected

cid = fig.canvas.mpl_connect(‘button_press_event’, on_click)