Matplotlib-users digest, Vol 1 #403 - 1 msg

Hi Ouyang,

First congratulations on finding matplotlib, it is really
the best-quality python 2D plotting module you can find on
the web, and the project is active (great). It can use
Chinese characters, but make sure that your backend DOESN'T
use 'Agg', for example the following code will work under -
dWX, but not -dWxAGG:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from matplotlib.matlab import *
font = {'fontname' : 'SIMSUN',
        'color' : 'r')

NOTE that this requires your system to be WINDOWS-chinese
(oops), otherwise, you have to install related codecs which
i will not elaborate here. For some reason the Agg backends
fails even if you have the right coding, in line 219
get_text_width_height(), it raises an unicode error.

For a piechart, you can start writing your own, JDH has
already defined almost all the components for doing this,
and you may contribute your code someday:) For a lazy person
like me, I temporarily use python wrapper for chartdirector.

Haibao Tang