[Matplotlib-users] Can the postscript backend be persuaded to do landscape instead of portrait?

Attached is a new version of backend_ps.py with two new functions, landscape() and portrait().

Someone who actually understands post-script should check these fixes out – I know next to nothing about it, but the fixes seem to do the trick, although I’m sure there is some other incantation I’m supposed to put in the postscript so that viewers realise it is landscape and show it that way.

Also attached is a new version of axis.py with a very minor mod to format_tickval that ensures that the plot doesn’t end up with labels like: 199999999 in the case where the tickloc is just a shade under a whole number.


axis.py (25.7 KB)

backend_ps.py (18 KB)


On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 15:05, John Hunter wrote:


I have some plots I’d like to print out and they would make
better use of the paper if they were done landscape.
Can the postscript backend do this?
Hi John,
I haven’t had time to take a close look at this. My initial
suggestions is to experiment with the paper size
import matplotlib
import matplotlib.backends.backend_ps as backend_ps
backend_ps.defaultPaperSize = 11,8.5 # default is 8.5, 11
You may also have to specify a landscape portrait at print time, or
rotate it.
I’ll take a closer look later.