Matplotlib "show()" error Mac OS X Lion


As a test, try to set your backend to either 'cocoaagg' or 'macosx' like so:

import matplotlib as mpl

There have been issues with TkAgg on macs. I have personally not had any success with it (even with ActiveState's Tcl).

tried doing the above but this required me to install something called PyObjC:

The CococaAgg backend required PyObjC to be installed!

(currently testing v1.3.7)

when I tried to easy_install PyObjC it gave me the following error:

Unknown distribution option: 'use_2to3'
error: Could not find required distribution pyobjc-core

I am sorry for this but I easy_install-ed pyobjc-core, and then easy_install-ed PyObjC.
Now the command works.

My matplotlib is now up and working!

Thank you, (esp ben.root)