matplotlib / Python 2.4 / Numarray

I think the "Installing on Windows" note is out of

    > date. Recently, the MPL dev's changed the install code to
    > automatically detect numarray and Numeric, and to install
    > accordingly. This is why you dont see an installer
    > specifically for numarray or numeric.

Yep, that's right. Perhaps someone else can verify that matplotlib
with numerux : numarray works on python2.4 / win32 just to verify that
I didn't screw up the 2.4 installer.

    > As for solving your problem, I don't have an answer but
    > let me offer a couple suggestions. Can you import numarray
    > from an interactive python session? Could you try to
    > temporarily install Numeric, and see if MPL can install?

Also verify that your setting
for numerix is numarray. While testing, you may want to run with
--verbose-helpful which may provide some additional diagnoistic
information. Note you can also select numeric vs numarray from the
DOS shell, which can be helpful while debugging this problem

c:> python --verbose-helpful --Numeric
c:> python --verbose-helpful --numarray

Hope this helps,