Matplotlib OO + redraw a figure with new parameters

Hi list,

I read the faq about matplotlib OO and try to study deeper the process.
I'm not sure how i can redraw easily a figure.
Firs time, the matplotlib.figure is created, its reference is saved in a list and i attach it to a 'matplotlib.backends.backend_gtkagg.FigureCanvasGTKAgg' then i display the FigureCanvasGTKAgg in a notebook.

1. Is the matplotlib.figure enough to get all the parameters of the figure (i.e: axes, title, label, artist)? Or must i use another object?

2. Must i reattach the figure to a new matplotlib.backends.backend_gtkagg.FigureCanvasGTKAgg or the old one has the capacity to redraw()?

3. i'm using gtk in all my application, is it better to use gtkAgg or gtk for speed issues?

Thanks a lot for your answers.
Philippe Collet