matplotlib.mlab.find() not quite like?Matlab"s

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Arguably Matlab has the elegant Lisp-like feature lacking in Python of
multiple return values. In Lisp you can write

  (setq x (floor 3.14))

to set the value of x to 3, or

  (multiple-value-setq (x y) (floor 3.14))

to set the value of x to 3 and the value of y to 0.14. Note how it is
left up to the caller of the FLOOR function whether to capture just
the first returned value or both of them. This is paralleled by

  x = some_function(a,b,c)
  [x,y] = some_function(a,b,c)

where the caller decides how many values will be returned.

Note that you can simply "emulate" this missing Python feature by appending indexes after your function call:

  x = some_function(a,b,c)[0]
  x, y = some_function(a,b,c)[:2]
  and so on...

Naturally this does not save computation as nargout could do, but is this really an issue? IMHO this is generally not.

JM. Philippe