matplotlib Mac binary aborts with 3rd party Tcl/Tk

The current matplotlib Mac binary installer unfortunately reintroduces
an old problem: it does not work if the user has a 3rd party Tcl/Tk
installed (as anyone who uses Tkinter seriously would have).

The solution is simple: if one is building a matplotlib Mac binary
installer then please, please install ActiveState Tcl/Tk first
(preferably the latest version of 8.4 -- which is 8.4.19 last I
checked). The resulting binary will work with the built-in Tcl/Tk as
well as any user's 3rd party Tcl/Tk.

Without this "fix", the resulting binary will abort with any attempt to
produce a graph using TkAgg and a 3rd party Tcl/Tk.

ISo...could I request a new Mac binary with this fix in place? Or at
least that future Mac binaries will be built this way?

-- Russell

P.S. the situation could get "interesting" with a future version of
MacOS X during the transition from Tcl/Tk 8.4 to 8.5. But for now just
sticking with 8.4 is safe since it is the recommended version for Python
2.5 and is also what comes with MacOS X.

P.P.S. I suspect (but have not confirmed) that Mac Python 2.5.4 has this
same problem. Mac Python 2.5.2 is definitely OK.