[Matplotlib-devel] Finalizing Code of Conduct

Hello community,

We have been revising our code of conduct and settled on using the latest form of the contributor covenant with some minor customization for reporting:

We chose this code of conduct based on these criteria:

  1. lists the behaviors we think are appropriate and inappropriate

  2. includes reporting and enforcement mechanisms

  3. clear and concise

We are seeking holistic feedback on whether this new CoC is an accurate statement of the behavior we expect in Matplotlib, our expectations are in line with yours, and if there are significant issues with the text, Please refrain from wordsmithing; we think that most problems are likely an issue with the philosophy of the CoC and not solvable via changing some words (plus or minus the reporting and enforcement sections).

We will be taking feedback for the next week (deadline Tuesday Nov 24th, 3:00PM EST) on the mailing list, discourse, pull request, and in private as appropriate.

Thank you,