[Matplotlib-devel] Disabling Travis CI in the Matplotlib organization


Given the recent security issue [1], we would like to reduce our
exposure to addons we don't use. As Travis CI has essentially killed
itself for Open Source projects, we have mostly moved off of it.
Hence, we have suspended Travis in the Matplotlib organization.

There are still 4 repositories that still contain a `.travis.yml`:
- GitHub - matplotlib/freetypy: Fast and modern Python wrappers for freetype, written in Python/C API
- GitHub - matplotlib/mpl-finance: This package is DEPRECATED, replaced by https://github.com/matplotlib/mplfinance
- GitHub - matplotlib/trendvis
- GitHub - matplotlib/viscm: A tool for visualizing and designing colormaps using colorspacious and matplotlib

It would be appreciated if you could move those repositories to a
different CI system (or maybe they should be archived?)

If there are no complaints in the next month or so, we can then
disable Travis CI entirely (or earlier if everyone's moved.)

[1] Security alert: Attack campaign involving stolen OAuth user tokens issued to two third-party integrators | The GitHub Blog


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