matplotlib code sprint at scipy 04

I've been thinking that the SciPy '04 conference on September 2-3 might be a good opportunity for some of us to meet in person and contribute to our favorite plotting library via a code sprint.

Unfortunately, it seems the "official" scipy code sprints have been canceled.

However, I'm a post-doc at Caltech, so I could organize a venue independent of the official conference.


1) is anyone interested in participating in a matplotlib code sprint?

2) what day is best for you?

By the way, the earlybird registration date has been delayed a bit, so there's still time to get the reduced fee. Furthermore, there are apparently several more spots open for speakers, so please consider submitting an abstract.

Personally, I probably won't be available in the days immediately before the conference (Wednesday, for example), but could participate on the Saturday immediately after the conference. However, although I'll be sad to miss it, if Wednesday is best, I think I could arrange for a lab-mate to let participants in to the venue.