Matplotlib cannot find some Chinese fonts on my computer

Hi. I am trying to draw a plot using matplotlib.

I set fontfamily in textprops to display Chinese characters. I tried 等距更纱黑体 SC (which is already installed on my computer), but errors occur:

findfont: Font family '等距更纱黑体 SC' not found.

Then I tried Source Han Sans. It can be found, but the weight is extra light and the style is Japanese style, and I can’t configure them. However, others fonts I installed like Fira Code can work properly.

So why is this happening, and how to fix this? I suspect that it may be because 等距更纱黑体 SC and Source Han Sans are both SuperOTC files, while Fira Code is just TTF.

Try code as below

cn_font = fm.FontProperties(fname=font_path)
mpl.rcParams[''] = cn_font.get_name()