[Matplotlib-announce] [ANN] Matplotlib 3.7.2

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the release of 3.7.2.

This is the second bug fix release of the 3.7.x series. Pre-built wheels are available for most major platforms, and can be installed using `pip install matplotlib==3.7.2`. Other packages may also be available already; please check with your preferred source.

We thank the 25 authors for the 156 pull requests that comprise the 3.7.2 release.

This release contains several bug-fixes and adjustments:

  * Avoid modifying input masks in |pcolor|/|pcolormesh|
  * Fix 3D set_aspect error cases
  * Fix IPython's |%pylab| mode detection
  * Fix |Figure.get_constrained_layout_pads()|
  * Fix |Legend.set_draggable()| with |update="bbox"|
  * Fix |TransformedBbox.{,full_}contains|
  * Fix clipping of |bar_label| text
  * Fix colorbar size when saving with explicit |bbox_inches|
  * Fix errors when an input is entirely NaN
  * Fix leaks of exception tracebacks and |LayoutGrid| objects
  * Fix non-interpolated imshow in PDF export
  * Fix palettized image optimization in PDF export
  * Fix pgf tests with TeXLive 2022
  * Fix removal of |Axes| that contain widgets that are grabbing the mouse
  * Fix removal of draggable artists
  * Fix subslice optimization for long, fully nan lines
  * Fix tight layout if Figure has an existing layout manager
  * Fix window extent of AnnotationBbox before first draw
  * Fix wspace and hspace in subfigures
  * Improve Qt compatibility
  * Improve compatibility with Python 3.12
  * Prevent under the hood downcasting of values in |xcorr|
  * Remove some NumPy function overrides from |pylab|
  * Remove warning with symlog scales on mouseover

For further details, please see the Release notes for Matplotlib 3.7.1:
and the milestone on GitHub:

Note, unfortunately, as PyPI has dropped support for GPG signatures, this (and future) release is no longer signed.


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