[Matplotlib-announce] [ANN] Matplotlib 3.4.0 release candidate 3

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the second/third release candidate of Matplotlib 3.4.0.

This release fixes various bugs reported by downstream libraries, who we thank for testing the first release candidate. Additionally, this release now provides wheels for aarch64.

Pre-built wheels are available for most major platforms, and can be installed using `pip install --pre matplotlib==3.4.0rc3`. Other packages may also be available already; please check with your preferred source.

This release candidate is primarily intended for testing by downstream libraries and adventurous users. As such, we do not yet have a curated list of What's new yet, but you can see a preview of changes at the top of:
and the milestone on GitHub:

This releases are signed by my GPG key. The fingerprint is:
23CA B59E 3332 F94D 26BE F037 8D86 E7FA E5EB 0C10

Note: The only difference between v3.4.0rc2 and v3.4.0rc3 is the addition of aarch64 wheels.


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