[Matplotlib-announce] [ANN] Matplotlib 3.2.2 release

Hi all,

Matplotlib 3.2.2 was released yesterday.

This is the second bugfix release of the 3.2.x series.

This release contains several critical bug-fixes:

 \- support fractional HiDPI scaling with Qt backends
 \- support new Python and fix syntax errors in legacy Python
 \- support new Qt 5 and fix support for Qt 4
 \- fix animation writer fallback
 \- fix figure resizing
 \- fix handling of large arcs
 \- fix issues with tight layout
 \- fix saving figures after closing windows or under certain size

- fix scatter when specifying a single color
- fix several memory leaks
- fix unexpected autoscaling behavior
- fix various issues with usetex
- various minor bug and documentation fixes

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