matplotlib and scipy_core

Chris Fonnesbeck wrote:

I think there is more to it than that. There are all sorts of
dependencies on either Numeric or numarray that need to be addressed.
Try installing matplotlib without either Numeric or numarray -- I dont
think you will get very far.

Ah, good point. It would be good to begin work on this, but IMHO the new scipy_core has a bit to go before it is ready for prime time. Someone just pointed out on the numpy list, for example, that it presently does not include masked arrays, a capability I use often and support for which was painstakingly added to Matplotlib over the last year or so.

No, it *does* include masked arrays. Try:

import as ma

To use scipy as a complete replacement for Numeric or numarray will require work in numerix, in the build system, and possibly in cntr.c, which needs to build separate versions for numarray and Numeric. (I expect little or no change will actually be needed in cntr.c.)

I haven't figured out yet exactly what is present and what is missing relative to old Numeric, and the things that numerix imports, so I am not sure whether scipy_core has everything needed for a one-to-one substitution; it looks like it is close, at least.


Eric Firing wrote:

No, [new scipy core] *does* include masked arrays.

Someone should tell Paul Dubois then :slight_smile: . See the bottom of this thread: