matplotlib and py2exe

Hi Giorgio,

Giorgio Luciano wrote:

Hello Werner,
here is the file I try to compile.
It gave an error of missing DLL when i try to launch :frowning:
no Idea why, since with you example everything works
(I'm using maplotlib 0.87.7)

I assume the DLL not found is "wxmsw26uh_vc.dll" at least I believe that 87.7 is already compiled against wxPython 2.6 Unicode (hopefully this dependency will go away with some future release of matplotlib), so you need to either use the Unicode version of wxPython 2.6 or do the following as mentioned earlier in this thread.



matplotlib/backends/_wxagg not used.pyd

If it is another .dll missing it would help if you let us know the name and the exact exception.