Matplotlib 1.0 dateutils missing on MacOS X

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Hi All

I had a problem installing matplotlib 1.0.0 on MacOS X 10.6 using
2.6.5 with the binary installer (dmg). When importing pylab, datautils was
missing. I fixed that by easy_installing python-dateutils, but it seems like
it should be included in the installer or listed in the install requirements.

Thanks for a great piece of software!


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I built the installer without dateutil and pytz packages.

At John Hunter's request I made new installers that do install these
packages. I believe the new installers are now being served, so try
downloading the installer and running it again.

Beware: the new installer always installs the versions it has; if you
have a newer pytz or dateutil you want to keep, reinstall it afterwards
or move it out of site-packages during the matplotlib install.