matplotlib-0.54 Win98 crash

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If you open up a DOS command shell and run
  from matplotlib.matlab import *
  c:> python -dGTKAgg
what happens?

The hard drive grinds away for a couple of seconds, then I get an Invalid Page Fault dialog with Python in the title bar. When I close the dialog, the DOS prompt returns, so it's not crashing the DOS window. No other windows appear in this sequence.

When you run from windows explorer and get a traceback,
you often lose the DOS window that provides the required information.
So it's best to debug from a command shell, though admittedly most of
the windows shells suck.

Agreed. I use cygwin when I need a shell usually, although for the above test I used a standard windows command shell.

This is intentional. Since Tkinter doesn't have a mainloop, we switch
python to interactive mode after TkAgg finishes it's business and the
Tk window remains open until the python shell is closed.

Oh. Thanks for explaining.

I would be surprised if it's win98 specific. I haven't seen any
problems so far that were specific to just one windows OS. They're
basically all the same as far as I can see, Microsoft just keeps
shrinkwrapping them and recharging you for them :slight_smile: I have win98 at
home so I'll try and test a version there.

It'll be interesting to see if it's specific to my system which is always a possibility.

Thanks John.


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