matplotlib 0.29

Over the last few weeks I've made a lot of changes to matplotlib,
particularly to allow rendering to multiple output formats, and thus
break the dependence on GTK/pygtk. The new output formats are
postscript and GD module. The latter allows you to use matplotlib in
an environment where there is no window server running, such as for a
web application server creating dynamic charts. You can choose the
backend from the command line, so the same script can be used without
changes to create either a GUI window or postscript output.

The latest release of matplotlib, 0.29, incorporates these changes,
and fixes some other bugs, some important (like marker and figure text
scaling with figure resolution).

I've uploaded this release to the sourceforge site, and added some new
documentation describing them and how to use them

  What's new :
  Backends :
  Fonts :

I would like to add a few more features before I make the 0.3 release,
and am hoping some of you will try the new version and report any
problems you may have before I do 0.3 and make a wider announcement
the python and scipy communities.

Note that the figure and savefig commands no longer takes a figure
size in pixels, but rather a figure size as a width, height tuple in
inches and a DPI (figure) or simply DPI (savefig). See the help for
those functions for more info.

Thanks! Let me know how it goes,
John Hunter