matplolib equivalent of gnuplot's impulse

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Date: 4-mag-2007 11.12
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On 5/3/07, Emmanuel <emmanuel@...1321...> wrote:

With gnuplot one can do a plot like that :

It is using option "with impulse".
Is there an equivalent in matplotlib?

Maybe not directly as a "plot style". But...

If you need to fill the curve with a color you can see this example:

If you need the "bar" itself you can use the bar() function.

If you need impulses composed by just "a line" you can use this function:

def impulse(X, Y, color='blue', **kwargs):
    """Plot an "impulse" graph similar to the gnuplot 'impulse' function."""
    if len(X) != len(Y):
        raise ValueError, "X and Y data must be of the same length."

    ax = gca()
    for x, y in zip(X, Y):
        ax.plot([x, x], [0, y], color=color, **kwargs)

You can pass to it any plot() keyword-argument to customize line style.


  ~ Antonio