Mathtext questions, continued...

Hi all -- John H here under a different email.... I'm on vacation so
I'll probably be out of touch for a week but just dashed into a
cyber-cafe and couldn't resist jumping in. If mathtext_demo and TeX
parse or layout that expression differently, it's a bug and should be
fixed. We are trying to follow the TeX conventions to the best of our
ability, and won't consciously choose to do something differently
within our limits.

For those of us on the beach in Michican w/o read access to a TeX
interpreter, perhaps you could describe what is different or broken.

Edin, as for your comment about not understanding the parser, I
understand but consider this. If you don't understand the parser and
why it has the complexity it does, it is pretty unlikely you'll be
able to "roll your own" equivalent functionality. As Darren noted,
it's worth your energy, if only for your own education, to understand
how parsers work, and pyparsing is about the easiest parser I've ever
used. Start with a toy example from the pyparsing web page, and work
your way up. The author is very responsive to questions and helped me
develop and optimize the TeX grammar.

The only "fresh rewrite" I'd be happy to consider is one that
translated Knuth's algorithm for parsing mathematical expressions more
or less verbatim. I believe something like this exist in the
javascript math layout engine, which Robert is looking into. But my
preference at this point in terms of productivity is to fix what's
broken with the current implementation.

net mavens please excuse my top posting -- I'm like a seal out of water here!



On 8/21/06, Jouni K Seppanen <jks@...278...> wrote:

Darren Dale <dd55@...143...> writes:

> On Sunday 20 August 2006 10:25 am, Edin Salković wrote:
>> Also, I thought that the author of the current code base did some
>> design mistakes at the begining. And, being a developer newbie,
>> it's a lot easier to start things from scratch, than make fixes to
>> old stuff you don't understand well.
> Just a general comment. Eric Raymond observed in The Cathedral and
> the Bazaar that "Good programmers know what to write. Great ones
> know what to rewrite (and reuse)."

See also: Things You Should Never Do, Part I – Joel on Software

>> The point is that, i.e. \cal sets the current fontface to "cal",
>> and the change is propagated till the end of the current scope (or
>> untill it hits \rm, for example). Old mathtext applies it only to
>> the first item after the command.
> What does this have to do with real TeX? Maybe you could post an
> example. It is possibly just an mpl bug that needs to be addressed.

Run the attached file through LaTeX to see what he means. Does
Matplotlib attempt to replicate some subset of (La)TeX syntax exactly,
or is it just a "TeX-like" syntax?


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