Managing macstadium account log

This is a topic to track the management of the macmini servers on . We currently have 3k$ from a NF small development grant (which sized to support 1 server for 3 years).

We have full admin control of these machines which can be accessed via ssh or VNC/remote desktop access to these machines.

Currently the admins on the account are

If you would like to have access to the account or machines (which can have individual user accounts as well) please contact @tacaswell (only naming my self to not sign everyone else up for support task, :+1: to anyone with admin rights using them).

Current machines

  • 2012 i5 dual core mac mini running OSX 10.15 in LV, NV, USA
  • An Apple Silicon test setup with the DTK running 10.16 in ATL, GA, USA
    • no user accounts on it yet
    • provided by Apple/MacStadium

If you make any changes to the setup (people on the macstadium team, local user accounts, changing the servers, …) please log it here.