Make matplotlib running with opengl cuda and GPU

I’m developing a sfotware in python where
I need to show a large number of images (around 100000), so I choose matplotlib as a plot library. Anyway,
since lots of data are shown on matplotlip stages (thousands of images) the interface become very heavy, interactive events and
functions start lagging and users experience becomes unacceptable.
I have a good GPU available (an NVIDIA RTX 3080), so I’d like to know if there is a way to make matplotlib run on it, or
maybe wrap it on some GPU/CUDA wrapper and make it run smoothly via rendering plot via opengl.

Do you have any suggestion how to do it? I never went through matplotlib
source code before and I don’t know if this feature has already been scheduled
for future releases or it’s something completely new.

I would really appreciate some suggestions on this subject.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Sorry, it is unclear what could be slow without any specific information of how you are plotting.

I am plotting images with matplotlib’s AnnotationBbox