I'd like to draw lots of (2-point) segments (and then
lots of dots/cirles) in a Tk window (probably using
LineCollection), can you show me a tiny example? I've
found very useful the "Screenshots" page on the site.

I've tried to do for myself, but so far I've failed.
In the tutorial there is:

from matplotlib.backends.backend_agg import
from matplotlib.transforms import Value
dpi = Value(72.0)
o = RendererAgg(400, 400, dpi)
gc = o.new_gc()
o.draw_lines(gc, (50, 100, 150, 200, 250), (400, 100,
300, 200, 250) )

(But it's for lines composed of many segments, and it
doesn't show the result in a window). Using
LineCollection, but this is still wrong:

from pylab import *
import matplotlib.collections as col
line1 = ((1,3),(4,6))
line2 = ((3,6),(2,1))
linest = (line1, line2)
lc = col.LineCollection(linest)

Thank you,


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