License for inclusion of MPL example code & documentation

I came across a project that happens to include the example code for an annotated heatmap (near) verbatim from the Matplotlib gallery: Creating annotated heatmaps — Matplotlib 3.7.2 documentation

The code’s origin is acknowledged with a link to this page (older version, 3.1.0), but I was wondering how the example code and documentation for Matplotlib is licensed.

In particular, since I couldn’t find any reference the inclusion of Matplotlib documentation in the project, other than the link in the source code of that particular module that implements the annotated heatmap.

The project itself is 3-BSD licensed, and I doubt very much there would be a problem if an additional acknowledgement for Matplotlib’s documentation needs to be given. But since I can’t find what that acknowledgement should be, I wanted to ask here first before filing an issue with that project.

We generally don’t require acknowledgement of that sorta thing, so it sounds like it’s all good. Which project? Also, thanks for your concern here :smile:

Thanks for the response.
I came across it at .
There is a chance that the project had already checked this, but I didn’t see any mention about acknowledgements for inclusions like this.
That’s why I figured I’d ask about it here as more general question, since I couldn’t find any mention in the documentation (in contrast to e.g. Citing Matplotlib — Matplotlib 3.7.3 documentation , about MPL usage, not so much its documentation).