legend location

Hi there! I've been using the legend function in a plot but

    > can't get the location setting to work. I've tried the
    > numeric and string versions of the location codes and tried
    > several backends (but only winXP, python 2.3.3). The legend
    > always appears upper-right.

    > Is this functionality platform-dependent?

No, in the 2 arg version legend(LABELS, LOC), the loc argument must be
a position arg, not be a kwarg. Ie,

  plots.legend( ('test', ), 4)

works. Note that the labels argument needs to be a list or tuple, not
a string as you gave, but this is not related to your problem.

The problem you experienced was due to the inadequate way I was using
introspection to determine which of the many call signatures legend
has. There is an easy fix which gets it right in the case where loc
is a kwarg.

In axes.Aces.legend, replace

        loc = 1
        loc = kwargs.get('loc', 1)

as the first line after the doc string.

Hope this helps,