Latex problem: junk .aux files left around...

Hi all, Small problem. After using pylab to run some

    > code, having enabled the beautiful new latex support,
    > when I quit pylab I'm getting a bunch of junk files
    > like:

    > -rw-r--r-- 1 fperez 8 Jun 7 14:32
    > e85b79abfd76b7c13b1334d8d8c194a5.aux

    > left in the current directory. Some cleanup code is not
    > being executed, any ideas?

I don't see this problem -- are you using 0.81 or possibly a stale

The relevant section of backend_ps is in the print_figure method
which calls

            cleanup = glob.glob(tmpname+'.*')
            for fname in cleanup: os.remove(fname)

You might want to pop in a debug ipython shell and see what tmpname
and cleanup are on your system. Do you see this in
examples/ ?