Japanese Windows win32 API / _winreg / font_manager.py bug workaround

try: key, direc, any = _winreg.EnumValue( local, j) if not

    >> os.path.dirname(direc): direc = os.path.join(directory, direc)
    >> direc = os.path.abspath(direc).lower() if direc[-4:] ==
    >> '.'+fontext: items[direc] = 1 except EnvironmentError: pass

Thanks for the patch -- this will be in the next release.

    > The idea is taken from a Japanese blog.

    > http://somethingred.dip.jp/blog/239

    > The author of the Blog seems to have some idea to patch
    > _winreg, also.

    > http://somethingred.dip.jp/blog/253 -- Natsu Mizutani

Perhaps you can contact the winreg maintainers and let them know about