Issues with Cursor change using glade-3 and Matplotlib

Hi All,

I am new to matplotlib and glade and am struggling with changing cursors in a glade-3 based python application using matplotlib. I have attached the simple application and I am trying to change the cursor on the plot but unfortunately no luck (gives no error though). (line 31 in I have attached a in which I am able to change the cursor (pretty much the same code for plotting except no glade for UI)

glade 3.6.7
python 2.6.6 on RHEL6

I know this is not the correct forum to ask about glade issues but on a different note I am not sure if any of you have encountered the problem of dialog boxes being modal even though they are set for being non-modal. In my attached application I have made the 1st dialog box non-modal (which is being called by testMain) and the plot dialog box as non-modal but in both cases I cannot access the parent dialog box once the child is spawned ! Any ideas ?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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