Is there a way to set plt.axis("off") by plt.rcParams?

When working with images, it’s often convenient to hide the axis:


But for many images it would be more convenient to have

plt.rcParams['axis'] = 'off'

in the beginning of a script, especially in Jupyter notebook context.
Does this exist?

You may want to consider using figimage instead (matplotlib.pyplot.figimage — Matplotlib 3.5.2 documentation) but that does not resample (so a 1kx1k image will make a 10inx10in figure at 100dpi).

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve just tried figimage, but that is a bit inconvenient to use.
Is there any other way to set the default behavior to plt.axis("off") ?
One idea is adding the three lines:

def imshow(img):


but this is not pretty, and I’d like to still call images with plt.imshow(img).

In the python animation library manim there is a set_default method that allows the following:

t = Text("Hello World") 
c = Circle()

maybe there is something similar possible in Matplotlib for hiding axis?