is there a way to modify the toolbars in matplotlib and add more functions?

Allan Noriel Estrella wrote:

can you give the url of wxmpl and Mplot, i had a hard time googling for them

That's rare, but I had trouble too, some of the google links are dead, but I found this for wxmpl:

and this (just the files) for Mplot:

If you search this list, you'll see discussion of the differences between them, but I'll try this short synopsis (Kevin and Matt, please correct as needed)

wxmpl is designed to make it a bit easier to embed matplotlib in a a wxPython app. Once you've got a PlotPanel (or PlotFrame), you do your plotting with the matplotlib OO API (and some of pylab)

Mplot is designed to provide a plotting window that the end-user of the application can interact with, doing at least some manipulation of the plot. It provides and alternative API for plotting that is easy to use, but not feature-complete.

Note that I haven't Mplot, so I may have that a bit wrong.



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