Hi All,

I’m a longtime Matlab user. I’ve been using Python for a year or two and have begun using Matplotlib/Numpy/Scipy. I have a patch for specgram() that will plot the spectrogram with the positive and negative frequencies flipped (fftshift). This is the way that you would examine the complex data coming out of a receiver.

What is the prefered method for submitting patches? I didn’t find any information on the website.

Also, I would like to add support for more window functions in specgram(). I see three options for doing this:

a) Add the window functions directly ( drawback: code duplication)
b) Add wrappers for the window functions in SciPy (drawback: additional dependencies?)
c) Modify specgram so that if it receives an array as the window parameter it checks its length and then applies it as a window. If the window parameter is not an array then it treats it as a function (current behaviour)

I guess there is also
d) Only change the docstring to show how to supply your own window function; perhaps using one from scipy.




Linux. Because rebooting is for adding hardware.