Interactive pyplot not rendering scatter or lines outside of a square area?

I have been trying to create a 3d particle simulation using mpl as my output, using an axes3D artist and the animations library. I have the barebones working, but after a lot of trial and erro and looking online i cannot figure out how to fix this to make the line plot visible outside of this unknown square area.

figure(figsize=) has no effect from what i can tell,
ax.set_box_aspect doesnt change the aspect of the unknown box
attempted to change zorders, did not affect visibility

i have added a zoom functionality, which is changed using the parameter iof set_box_aspect.

two images below demo that the plotted objects seem to be the only thing invisible outside unknown box, but rotating the view around so that the plot is ‘in the box’, it shows up.

running on python 3.12 interpreter inside vscode, using tkagg backend.