Instant video creation

Hi everyone

I've been using the method described below for
quite some time now, and since the question
on how to create videos with matplotlib is
asked every once a while I thought maybe
someone else could be interested in it as well.

The idea is to open a pipe to ffmpeg and
pass the pictures as they are created
directly to the encoder.
This obviously saves space since the pictures
don't have to be stored and your video is ready
when your program finishes.

If someone likes to try this out you can get the
code along with an example file under
(I think I'll also put this into the wiki if I find
some time.)

You need
- Python Imaging Library
- ffmpeg
- matplotlib (tested with 0.82)


A recent test with matplotlib CVS showed, that
the plot window isn't updated once the video
thread starts. Since the video is created maybe
this is related to the problem with raw_input()?


"1984" is not a howto!