Installing matplotlib documentation

Continued from github:

I am inside matplotlib/doc/ when I do the make html.

What are the contents of doc/Makefile? How did you get the source tree?

Actually there seems to be no Makefile there…

How did you get the source tree? You should clone the github repo.

Could you please follow the matplotlib contribution doc page linked in the post? I followed it but apparently over time the file structure seems to have changed and the (old) doc instructions doesn’t work anymore.

The link is:

You should be using these instructions:

if they don’t work, please let us know.

From what I see, the documentation looks same. Issue I notice is that there is no makefile in the doc folder

Can some developers make a fresh pull and verify if documentation is up to date?

The file exists in the git tree:

Sorry to bother, but there is no Makefile file inside matplotlib/doc/ inside the repo pulled from github. Shouldn’t there be a Makefile there?

Confirming what @tacaswell posted, I’m also seeing the file in the current tree

Can you print the output of git remote --verbose