Installation on Mac OS X Lion - good news


Just a quick point of information that might saved time to some of you.

Installation of matplotlib is now pretty straightforward on Mac OS X 10.7 with HomeBrew.

Let’s say you want to install the last version :

$ brew install pkg-config

$ git clone git://

$ cd matplotlib/

$ python build

$ sudo python install

The dependencies of matplotlib (libpng, freetype, etc) are all present in /usr/x11/lib, however they are not found via the installation process because of the absence of pkg-config on Mac OS X. By installing it with HomeBrew, everythings falls in place.

Thanks to Telliot99 for finding that out.

You can read the original blog post at :

pkg-config could be installed from source or via macport, just make sure the search path is configured correctly to include (this what HomeBrew actually does) :


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